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More Has Moved Up! August 4, 2005
We have moved to a new premises in the same building. Read more.
Author : Moh Hon Meng

Untitled Document FSM MOVING TO

Dear customers, (FSM) moved from the 8th floor of Ocean Towers to the 10th floor on 1st August 2005. The new unit address is #10-03. The whole of the 8th floor will now be used for IFAST Financial's financial advisers' (FA) transaction platform business.

With your strong support, FSM is now large enough to have an office of its own. It has about S$250 million in assets under management, and sells well over S$100 million worth of unit trusts a year. It is the largest online distributor of unit trusts in Singapore, the only online CPFIS-registered investment administrator and the only online dealer of SGS Bonds.

Besides getting a new office, we will do the following things to improve FSM's services:

1. Focused leadership. Wong Sui Jau, our former research manager, has been promoted to General Manager of the FSM Singapore Division. He will lead the overall development of the FSM business in Singapore and give it more focused management attention. The thread called "Feedback to FSM ED" in the forum will be changed to "Feedback to FSM GM" and Sui Jau will be responding to our clients' feedback and queries in that thread.

2. More IT staff. We will have more dedicated IT staff who will work exclusively on the FSM business. With the increase in volume, some of our new initiatives have been slow in coming. With more dedicated resources now, the speed of FSM's web developments and service innovation will increase.

3. In-source call-centre and email-response operations. Previously, we outsourced these operations because the volume was low. With the increase in volume, we will in-source these operations from October 1st 2005 in order to have greater control and offer better service quality.

We believe that these changes will enable the FSM team to 'run faster' with their ideas and improve on the service delivery to our customers. Already, there are several interesting ideas mapped out, and we will see these rolled out this year.

We thank you for your support, and remain committed to providing you a top rate service for online unit trust investments.

Moh Hon Meng
Executive Director iFAST Financial Pte Ltd

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