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RSP Calculator
RSP Calculator

RSP (Regular Savings Plan) is an automatic savings plan that forces you into the good habit of saving. It is also a good way to accumulate savings, even if you start with a modest RSP of $100 each month.

With this calculator, find out how much wealth you can accumulate over time; you might be surprised!

Enter your monthly RSP amount
Enter your current Investments (if none, please key in 0)
Select a holding period


of Return
Current Investments
+ monthly RSP
If your RSP is
$100 per month
If your RSP is
$200 per month
If your RSP is
$500 per month
All figures are denoted in SGD and rounded off to the nearest hundred.

From the table, it show how much your money can grow accordingly to the amount you set aside each month against the returns you aim to achieve on your investments. The returns are correlated with the type of funds as well as investors’ risk appetite. Generally, riskier funds such as equities offers higher returns (8% - 12%) and lower risk instruments such as bonds offer lower returns. For investors with a long term horizon, one should consider allocating more into equities. As the years go by, you may consider to allocate a larger portion to lower risk funds to protect your portfolio.

The number of years you hold on to your investments plays a part in your overall investment gains. The longer you hold, the higher your money compounds. So start early!

To gain a more holistic view on building a RSP portfolio, you may wish to refer to this portfolio guide and the FSM Recommended Portfolios.

The power of RSP lies in its slow and steady approach - consistent efforts to grow your wealth will eventually accumulate a mighty portfolio of investments. Start building your wealth with RSP now with this RSP Special List of funds.

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