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Why Fundsupermart?
4 reasons why 65,000 investors picked us (and you should too)!

Invest and Trade with Leading Online Platform

At Fundsupermart, we aim to make your investments transaction simple and straightforward. With over 1,102 funds from more than 85 asset management companies, Singapore Government Securities (SGS) Bonds and over 603 bonds ranging from direct to corporate bonds on our platform, consolidate your portfolio in a single investment account.

Our various tools make navigation and management a breeze; from reading up on an investment product and its respective investment universe to checking on the updated profits of your accounts. Everything is done online – open an account and transact at your own time and skip the hassle of tedious paperwork.


Cost Savings

Our fee revision has brought sales charges even lower! With transactional costs being the main deterrent of returns over the long-term, you can find value and savings when you transact with us.

Regular Savings Plan (RSP) 0% sales charge
Fixed Income Funds 0% sales charge
Balanced and equity funds 0% sales charge
Bonds 0.35% of nominal value for each buy/sell order, subject to a minimum of SGD10 (or in its equivalent currency).
Click here for the full pricing structure


Innovative Tools & Independent Research Analysis

Keep abreast of your investments with a range of tools, research and content available on as well as mobile applications. From market coverage, new bond issues, financial planning, in-depth fund reviews and fund manager interviews, to our annual Fundsupermart Recommended Funds Report and Recommended Portfolios.

Alternatively, you can interact with like-minded investors within the community through our forum and social media platforms, or participate in our events where you can get up close with the fund managers and investment experts.


Unbiased Recommendations. And we do this for Free!

We have a dedicated Investment Advisory Team on hand to provide portfolio and product recommendation. Unlike most other advisors whom you may have spoken to before, our Investment Advisers are not remunerated by commission and therefore will not be compelled to suggest products that incur higher transaction cost on your end and do our best to recommend suitable products based on unbiased opinions. The absence of such conflict of interests increase transparency as well as improve your overall experience with us.

More than 65,000 accounts have enjoyed these benefits and now it is your turn!

Open an account for free today!

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