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FSM Mobile Apps
FSM Mobile apps

Get daily-updated fund prices and investment news, our mobile apps offer features to help you invest globally and profitably.


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Exclusive weekly research and in-depth analysis of fund performance articles to help you build your portfolio.


The first of its kind in Singapore, our proprietary Fundsupermart Indices tracks all the funds on our platform placed into relevant asset, sector and geographical indices which they belong to. Keep your finger on the pulse of the markets with daily prices, key valuation metrics, and performance data across multiple time frames.

Portfolio Simulator

Customise and simulate portfolio of markets with historical data across multiple investment scenarios and time frames from as long-term as a decade, to as near-term as a month.


Glance through the Top Volume Funds, and check out what funds made it to our Top Gainers and Top Losers chart from as recent as one week to five years. Investors can also create a watch list of your preferred funds under Fund Watch and track the fund's NAV and performance anytime.

View Holdings

Easy access to your portfolio and track your transactions on the go with myHoldings. Pair this with the 'Fund Watch' feature and monitor if your funds are making a profit or loss.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Get official GDP statistics of various countries and forward-looking consensus estimates for making better investment decisions. Historical data, consensus forecasts and Fundsupermart estimates are presented in different colors to allow easy differentiation.

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