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Guide to Attaining Accredited Investor Status and Joining FSM+

Joining FSM+ is an easy process! Simply submit the signed and dated original copy of the Individual Accredited Investor Declaration Form together with all supporting documents. Here’s a quick guide to assist you in the application process!

Important Notes

Please ensure that the original copy of the Individual Accredited Investor Declaration Form is submitted. Supporting documents may be copies of the original.

Send in your form and all relevant supporting documents to:

Accredited Investor Declaration
10 Collyer Quay #26-01
Ocean Financial Centre
Singapore 049315

Part 1: Main Account Information

Fill in your Fundsupermart account and personal details.

If you have beneficiary accounts that are linked to your main account, the Accredited Investor status will be conferred upon your beneficiary accounts as well, allowing them to enjoy all privileges of FSM+. You do not need to apply separately for the beneficiary accounts.

Part 2: Declaration Selection

Accredited Investor status is assessed based on A) net personal assets or B) personal income. Please check the appropriate box to indicate which assessment you prefer.

If you select A) net personal assets, please proceed to Part 3: Assets and Liabilities Declaration.

If you select B) personal income, please proceed to Part 4: Accredited Investor Declaration.

Important: please attach proof of income as a supporting document. Acceptable examples include your most recent income tax notice assessment, IR8A form, and employment contract stating annual income.

Part 3: Assets and Liabilities Declaration

To assess your net personal assets, please fill up this table as accurately as possible. Do note that you do not have to have an entry for each item in the table.

For each entry, it is imperative that you provide us with relevant, updated supporting documents. Examples of acceptable supporting documents are provided in the table.

Part 4: Accredited Investor Declaration

Read through the declaration and initial in the signature box if you are agreeable to the terms.

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