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Reap More Benefits as a FSM+ Investor!

Get more out of your Fundsupermart account as a FSM+ investor! Enjoy preferential sales charges, priority invitation to exclusive events and be the first to know about upcoming promotions and activities! Upgrade your account now to enjoy these benefits and more!

What is FSM+?

FSM+ investors are Fundsupermart account holders who have declared themselves as an Accredited Investors. Our Accredited Investors are offered more personalised and specialised service and product offerings.

Sign up as a FSM+ investor now to enjoy a wider range of product and service offerings.

FSM+ Special Rewards

Redeem special rewards from our rewards catalogue at discounted prices, made available only for FSM+ investors.


Receive investment advice customised especially for you, in accordance to your communicated goals and risk appetite.


Open a whole new avenue of investment opportunities as a FSM+ investor. The restricted funds on offer cover a range of strategies, from more sophisticated mandates to niche markets with limited access.


Enjoy exclusive invitation to private events, specially catered to our FSM+ investors.

For enrolment and further details of the benefits accorded to FSM+ investors, please contact our Client Services Team.

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Processing Fee 0.35% of nominal value for each buy/sell order, subject to a minimum of SGD10 (or in its equivalent currency).*
Platform Fee 0.05% per quarter calculated on a daily average market value of bonds.

Note : For the purchase of Retail Bonds listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, please note that Fundsupermart will be absorbing the Brokerage Clearing Fees of 0.0325% and SGX Access Fee of 0.0075% on the contract value, and the GST on brokerage fees, till further notice.

Platform fee is accrued daily and deducted based on the combined holdings of all Fundsupermart accounts under the main account holder, inclusive of any beneficiary account holdings on a quarterly basis.

SGS Bonds

Processing Fee 0.1% of nominal value
Annual Custody Fee (charged upon coupon payout) 0.1% of nominal value

Unit Trust

FSM FSM+ Silver Silver+ Gold Gold+ Diamond Diamond+
Qualifying AUA < SGD 100,000 SGD 100,000 -
SGD 199,999
SGD 200,000 -
SGD 499,999
> SGD 500,000
Requires AI Declaration - - - -
Retail funds
Retail Bonds
Singapore Government Securities
Wholesale Bonds - -
Restricted funds - - - -
Regular Savings Plan (RSP) 0% 0% 0% 0%
All fixed income funds, including money market and short duration funds (WISE funds ) 0% 0% 0% 0%
(alternative investments, balanced, equity etc – including restricted funds)
0%* 0%* 0% 0%
0% 0% 0% 0%
Cross tier switching
(lower tier to higher tier e.g. from a fixed income fund to an equity fund)
0%* 0%* 0% 0%
Bonus Rewards Points - 10% bonus 20% bonus 20% bonus
Investment advisory services
Priority invitation to private events - - - -
Priority invitation to selected Fundsupermart events - -
Fundsupermart flagship events
Fundsupermart seminars
*subject to a minimum of SGD10 per transaction

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