Licensed Custodian, Dealer and Financial Adviser.   CPFIS Registered Investment Administrator
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About Fundsupermart is the online unit trust distribution arm of iFAST Financial Pte Ltd. It carries the Capital Markets Services (CMS) License and Financial Adviser (FA) License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and is also an appointed Central Provident Board (CPF) Investment Administrator.

iFAST Financial Pte Ltd is an entity licensed by MAS to conduct the following regulated activities:

  • Dealing in Securities
  • Providing Custodial Services for Securities
  • Advising others,
    • either directly or through publications or writings, or
    • by issuing or promulgating research analyses or research reports and whether in electronic, print or other form, concerning the following investment products:
      • Life policies
      • Securities other than collective investment schemes
      • Collective investment schemes
  • Marketing of any collective investment scheme
  • Arranging of any contract of insurance in respect of life policies also provides a transactional platform for SGS bonds that were previously issued in the primary market. As a secondary dealer, it administers the entire buy/sell process for SGS bonds, including coupon payments, and it interfaces with MAS-appointed primary dealers to obtain price quotes for all SGS bonds (SGS primary dealers are committed to making continuous 2-way prices for SGS under all market conditions).

iFAST Financial Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of iFAST Corporation Ltd, which was listed on the Singapore Exchange Mainboard in December 2014. One of the shareholders behind iFAST Corporation is SPH AsiaOne Ltd, the Internet arm of Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore's largest media group.

ifast group structure

Fair Dealing (a division of iFAST Financial Pte Ltd) is committed to sustainable business practices that are supported by a range of initiatives. For iFAST, fair dealing is about conducting our business in a transparent and ethical way that enhances value for all of our stakeholders and delivers fair dealing outcomes to our customers. Fair dealing is central to iFAST and the senior management and the board of iFAST are committed to aligning the direction of iFAST with fair dealing outcomes to all stakeholders. We recognise that this is a journey and best practice is continuously evolving.

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