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The sub-fund invests for long term total return primarily in a concentrated portfolio of equity and equity equivalent securities of companies that aim to be the market-leaders in their respective sectors at managing their businesses in the face of climate change to maintain or enhance their competitive advantage and which have their registered office in, and/or with an official listing on a major stock exchange or other Regulated Market of any country. The sub-fund will seek to invest in companies with registered office in, and/or with an official listing in, developed markets such as OECD countries, and also those in Emerging Markets. There are no capitalisation restrictions, and it is anticipated that the sub-fund will seek to invest across a range of market capitalisations.

The sub-fund may also invest in financial derivative instruments such as futures, equity swaps, options and forward currency contracts and in other currency and equity derivatives. The sub-fund intends to use such financial derivative instruments for, inter alia, the purposes of managing market exposure (up to a maximum of 110% of the sub-fund's net asset value) and currency positioning but also to enhance return when the Investment Adviser believes the investment in financial derivative instruments will assist the sub-fund in achieving its investment objectives.



Asset Class Equity
Sector Climate Change
Geographical Allocation Global
Included under CPFIS OA No
Included under CPFIS SA No
Included under SRS Yes
MAS Registration Recognised
CPF Risk Classification NA
FSM Risk Rating 9 - Higher Risk
Latest NAV Price SGD 8.905 (February 10, 2016)
Fund Size USD 18.77 million
Launch Date November 9, 2007
Launch Price -
Right To Cancel No

All funds are based on forward pricing basis. The only exceptions are Cash Fund and Philip Money Market which are based on historical pricing.

In the case of a single pricing scheme, the single price does not take into account subscription or realisation fees which may be separately payable by the client upon purchase or redemption respectively.

A link to the semi-annual/annual reports will be emailed to investors by Investors using CPF and SRS (Non-IA holdings) may also receive hard copies of the semi-annual/annual reports by post from the fund house.

Dividend Info

Historical Dividend Yes
Frequency Annual
Cash Investment Reinvest
SRS/CPFIS Investment Reinvest

The declaration of distribution is at the sole discretion of the Fund Manager and is not guaranteed. The dividend information is for your reference only and it is not indicative of future performance.

Investment Information

Min. Initial Amount SGD 1,000.00
Min. Subsequent Amount SGD 100.00
Min. RSP Investment SGD 100.00
Min. Redemption AmountSGD 100.00
Min. Holding SGD 1,000.00
RSP Special List No

Relevant Charges


Annual Expense Ratio *
1.86% (as of September 30, 2015)
Annual Management Charge
Annual Management Charge (Mother Fund)
Other Significant Fees
Please refer to information on fees in the Prospectus/Product Highlight Sheet.
*Source: Fund's Semi-Annual or Annual Report
Fund charges have been factored into the fund's NAV and investors do not need to pay additional charges.

Fundsupermart's Earnings

FSM Sales Charge
0.35% (subject to a minimum of SGD10 per transaction)
RSP Sales Charge
Permanently at 0%
FSM Switching Charge(Same Tier)
FSM Switching Charge(Lower Tier to Higher Tier)
0.35% (subject to a minimum of SGD10 per transaction)
Platform Fee (as % of AUM)
0.1125% per quarter (Cash/SRS investment only)


Offer to Bid Returns

Period 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 YR 10 YR since inception
SGD (%) -8.9 -1.0 4.0 7.2 1.5 - -
SGD performance figures (as of January 31, 2016):Last updated on February 7, 2016

The performance figures in the table above are calculated using offer-to-bid prices, with any income or dividends reinvested. Performance figures of over 1 year are annualised. (Eg. A 33.1% gain in 3 years works out to a 10% gain per year when annualised.) As per MAS regulations, the offer price is based on the normal sales charge which is higher than Fundsupermart's discounted sales charge.

Bid to Bid Returns

Period 1 wk 1 MTH 3 MTH 6 MTH YTD 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 5 YR 10 YR
SGD (%) -6.44 -8.65 -14.04 -15.79 -12.83 -10.82 -1.15 3.62 1.06 -
SGD performance figures (as of February 9, 2016):Last updated on February 11, 2016

The performance figures in the table above are calculated using bid-to-bid prices, with any income or dividends reinvested. Performance figures of over 1 year are annualised.(Eg. A 33.1% gain in 3 years works out to a 10% gain per year when annualised.)


Calendar Year 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
HGIF Glb Eq Climate Change SGD Cl AD (%) 3.41 4.09 27.36 11.51 -17.83
The performance figures in the table above are calculated using bid-to-bid prices, with any income or dividends reinvested and in SGD.

3 yr Annualised Volatility 10.68 (SGD)
3 yr Sharpe ratio 0.15 (SGD)
The above figures (as of February 10, 2016):Last updated on February 11, 2016


Period 1 yr high 1 yr low 3 yr high 3 yr low All time high All time low
Price (SGD) 10.61 8.8 10.61 7.88 10.61 6.06

Historical prices shown are the NAV prices. The "All time high" and "All time low" prices are the highest and the lowest NAV prices from the first dealing date since inception and the latest available dealing date respectively.


The table below shows the fund holidays for this fund within the next 10 business days.
There are no upcoming public holidays for this fund.
Fund Holiday
February 15, 2016 (Fund Holiday)

  • For Singapore Public Holidays and Fund Holidays declared by individual fund managers, there will not be pricing made. Fund pricing will resume on the following business day.
  • The above fund holidays are based on the latest information provided by the individual fund managers. Omissions may occur in the event that Fundsupermart is not informed on time.

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