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The tables below show the overview of the top ten dividend yields sorted out by their dividend payout frequency, followed by the indicative amount of how much dividends you can earn when you invest $100,000 into the funds in a certain period. For a more detailed comparison, you can select the funds and measure their performances in Chart Centre or to compare fund information in Fund Selector with the quick links below.

Note for Dividend Information
  • *Figures are indicative values derived from actual latest payout per unit and NAV values as of the end of the last calendar year with an annual, semi-annual and quarterly payout frequency. Figures are refreshed on an annual basis. For funds with a monthly frequency, the summation of the twelve most recent dividends is divided by the NAV value of the last working day from the previous month. Figures are refreshed on a monthly basis.
  • ^Figures are indicative amount derived from multiplying the annualised dividend yield with a nominal value of $100,000. Figures should be used as a guide and payout received may differ from what is being shown here as these are historical dividend yields and it is not indicative of future performance. Not all funds pay out dividends regularly and not all funds are required to pay out the dividends. The declaration of distribution is at the sole discretion of the Fund Manager and is not guaranteed.
  • The yields displayed do not take into account ad-hoc dividend distribution declared by the fund managers, irregular dividend distributions, fund charges and foreign currency conversion.
  • Changes in dividend frequency during a calendar year will be recomputed and reflected in the following month for monthly frequency, and in the following year for the rest of the other frequencies.


Fund Name Annualised
Dividend Yield* p.a. (%)
Average Monthly Indicative Dividend^  Dividend
Allianz Inc and Growth Cl AM Dis H2-RMB 12.61% 1,051 Payout
Allianz US High Yield AM H2-RMB 12.53% 1,044 Payout
Allianz Dynamic Asian HY Bd Cl AMg Dis H2-RMB 9.95% 829 Payout
Allianz Inc and Growth Cl AM Dis H2-AUD 9.83% 820 Payout
Allianz US High Yield AM H2-AUD 9.54% 795 Payout
Allianz Inc and Growth Cl AM Dis H2-SGD 8.84% 736 Payout
Allianz Inc and Growth Cl AM Dis USD 8.68% 724 Payout
BNPP A European Multi-Asset Inc MD RH CNH 8.59% 716 Payout
Allianz US High Yield Cl AM USD 8.51% 709 Payout
Allianz Inc and Growth Cl AM Dis H2-GBP 8.45% 704 Payout


Fund Name Annualised
Dividend Yield* p.a. (%)
Average Quarterly Indicative Dividend^  Dividend
Schroder ISF Gb Div Max A DIS SGD 6.96% 1,740 Payout
Schroder ISF Gb Div Max A DIS USD 6.79% 1,696 Payout
RHB Singapore Income Fund Class SGD 6.74% 1,686 Payout
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Multi-Asset Income Fund AUP DIS USD 5.77% 1,442 Payout
Janus Henderson Hzn Asian Div Inc-A3 SGD 5.59% 1,398 Payout
Fidelity Asian HY A-RMB Hedged 5.42% 1,356 Payout
Fullerton Lux Asian High Yield Bonds A SGD-H Dis 4.95% 1,237 Payout
Manulife SGD Income Cl A-QDis SGD 4.83% 1,209 Payout
JPM Global Income Fund A (div) SGD-H 4.80% 1,201 Payout
Manulife SGD Inc Cl A-QDis USD-H 4.74% 1,186 Payout


Fund Name Annualised
Dividend Yield* p.a. (%)
Average Semi-Annual Indicative Dividend^   Dividend
Allianz Glb High Payout (SGD) 5.03% 2,517 Payout
Allianz Glb High Payout (USD) 4.93% 2,465 Payout
LionGlobal RMB Quality Bd Fd A Dist SGD 4.24% 2,118 Payout
Fullerton Lux Asian Currency Bond A SGD Dis 4.08% 2,041 Reinvest
Nikko AM Shenton Asia Bond S$(Cl A) 3.59% 1,796 Reinvest
First State Glb Infrastructure 3.04% 1,519 Reinvest
Schroder ISF Glb Co Bnd SGD Hedged A Dis 2.95% 1,474 Payout
First State Global Infrastructure USD 2.94% 1,472 Reinvest
LionGlobal Multi Income 2.89% 1,445 Payout
First State Bridge 2.86% 1,428 Reinvest


Fund Name Annualised
Dividend Yield* p.a. (%)
Average Annual Indicative Dividend^  Dividend
Eastspring Investments MIP A 5.11% 5,107 Reinvest
Fidelity US High Yield A USD 4.59% 4,587 Payout
First State Glb Property Invts DIST 4.13% 4,132 Reinvest
Fidelity European High Yield A EUR 3.86% 3,861 Payout
JPM Russia A (dist) USD 2.69% 2,695 Reinvest
Parvest Real Est Sec Pacific Cl Dis USD 2.66% 2,657 Payout
Fidelity Australia A AUD 1.90% 1,895 Reinvest
Nikko AM Shenton World Bank Green Bd Fd 1.85% 1,847 Reinvest
Parvest Eq USA Mid Cap Classic Dis USD 1.64% 1,643 Payout
HGIF EUR Eq SGD PD 1.54% 1,536 Reinvest

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