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Three tips from a seasoned CIO on how he seeks to outperform

Ng Soo Nam, Chief Investment Officer, Nikko Asset Management Asia Ltd shares how three stars must be aligned for an investment idea to work.

- Tell us about your background in asset management; how long have you been in the business, and which other firms have you worked in?

I was with Singapore civil service in various policy roles for about four years before I joined industry in 1995. I spent 10 years with Schroders, managing two of their flagship funds, namely Schroder Asian Growth and Schroder Singapore Trust, before I left in 2004 to start the Singapore office for Mirae Asset Management. I was their CIO, Asia Pacific ex-Japan, for three years before leaving in 2007 to join Nikko Asset Management, where I have served as CIO for the Asia Pacific ex-Japan region.

- Can you describe your investment philosophy?

The basis thesis is, stocks go up if they have earnings growth. That is why we take great pains to find companies that can grow well in the foreseeable future. We are essentially bottom-up stock pickers but the difference between us and our competitors which use the same methodology is, we have a top-down overlay. No matter how good a company's management is, if the global or macro big picture is against them, it is hard for them to grow. If you can put the two together, you have a winner in the making.

- Tell us about the team at Nikko Asset Management Asia Ltd and how they work to uncover investment ideas?

All three stars must be aligned. Good company, good top-down macro factors and cheap valuations. Rather than find undiscovered gems, where information advantage is hard to come by, I would rather focus on doing what we know best, wait for opportunities to buy cheap, and nowadays there are always opportunities to do that. That is how the portfolio seeks to outperform over a longer period of time.

Broadcast Date 05 March 2012
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Programme Three tips from a seasoned CIO on how he seeks to outperform
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