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Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) - Introduction

Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) - Introduction

MAS' regulation to safeguard retail investors

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has released new measures and enhanced requirements to safeguard the interest of investors. These measures apply to unit trusts as well as other financial instruments and have been effective since 1 January 2012. Under the new measures, all distributors will have to undergo Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) to assess if investors have the relevant knowledge or experience to understand the risks and features of the products they are buying.

Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

The CKA is a simple questionnaire where we will require you to furnish us with information pertaining to your education qualifications, investment experience and working experience. You need to satisfy only ONE of the three criteria in order to fulfill or “pass” the CKA. You will be notified on the outcome after we have reviewed your assessment. Please allow 2-3 working days for the review to be completed.

Click here to view the criteria.

Outcome of CKA

If you fulfill any one of the criteria, you may continue to execute the online trades by yourself on FSM platform. The status will be valid for one year from the date of your assessment.

If you do not fulfill any one of the criteria, you will not be able to execute online purchases (including switches and RSP application) by yourself. In order to proceed with the transaction, you will need to receive investment advice on whether the specific product is suitable to you.

Click here for a quick guide for retail investors investing in unlisted SIPs.

For investors who did not pass the CKA or wish to seek investment advice, you may make an appointment with our investment advisory team. This service is offered free to FSM investors.

Important Note: Any inaccurate or incomplete information provided may affect the outcome of your Customer Knowledge Assessment. By proceeding to provide these information, you have given consent to the collection, use and disclosure of these information.

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