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regular saving plan - rsp

An RSP is a proven way to help you build a robust portfolio that can meet your financial dreams.
Whether markets are up or down, an RSP gives you a disciplined way to stay invested.
If these scenarios sound familiar to you, read on to find out how you can tap into the benefits of a Regular Savings Plan (RSP) to grow your wealth.

#1: An RSP is your first step to achieving your financial dreams

Whether your financial dream is to have sufficient funds for your retirement, your child’s university education, your dream wedding and house – take comfort knowing that a disciplined investing approach with an RSP can help you in a powerful way. An RSP helps instil financial discipline as you are forced to save on a monthly basis. The good thing about an RSP is that you can start building a globally diversified portfolio from as little as S$100 every month. You can choose to invest using Cash (with an auto GIRO deduction), CPFIS-OA, CPFIS-SA or SRS accounts, and monies will be automatically deducted on a monthly basis.

#2: An RSP removes the emotional stress in investing

The investment adage of “buy low, sell high” is sometimes easier said than done because one will not know exactly the peak and trough of markets. An RSP gives you a disciplined way to stay invested irrespective of market conditions, so that you buy more funds units when prices are low and lesser units when prices are high. This is a strategy that works well in volatile market conditions. No more guessing and worrying on missing out investment opportunities!

To give our investors more cost savings and greater flexibility in your investments, Fundsupermart is the first distributor to waive off sales charges and offer RSP at 0% sales charges permanently!

You are two steps away to benefit from the 0% sales charge.

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