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ABNANV 4.750% 01Apr2026 Corp (SGD)
ADTIN 4.000% 03Aug2026 Corp (USD)
AGEASI 4.125% 25Apr2023 Corp (USD)
AGILE 5.125% 14Aug2022 Corp (USD)
AGILE 6.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
AGILE 9.000% 21May2020 Corp (USD)
AGLAU 5.000% 05Nov2021 Corp (AUD)
AGRBK 2.500% 21Jun2021 Corp (USD)
AGRBK 2.750% 21May2020 Corp (USD)
AIOAU 5.400% 12May2027 Corp (AUD)
AITSP 3.800% 01Oct2018 Corp (SGD)
ANVAU 5.500% 07Sep2076 Corp (SGD)
ANVAU 5.750% 17Mar2076 Corp (USD)
ANZ 4.500% 19Mar2024 Corp (USD)
ANZ 6.750% Perpetual Corp (USD)
ARASP 5.200% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
ARASP 5.650% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
AREIT 2.470% 10Aug2023 Corp (SGD)
AREIT 2.500% 16May2019 Corp (SGD)
AREIT 3.140% 02Mar2025 Corp (SGD)
AREIT 4.000% 03Feb2022 Corp (SGD)
AREIT 4.750% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
ARTSP 4.000% 23Mar2024 Corp (SGD)
ARTSP 4.205% 23Nov2022 Corp (SGD)
ARTSP 4.300% 30Nov2018 Corp (SGD)
ARTSP 5.000% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
ASBBNK 2.125% 01Sep2021 Corp (USD)
ASCHTS 3.300% 07Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
ASPSP 5.050% 12Jun2019 Corp (SGD)
ASPSP 5.250% 28Aug2020 Corp (SGD) - Retail
ASPSP 5.300% 01Apr2020 Corp (SGD) - Retail
ASPSP 5.900% 19Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
ASTLC 3.900% 08Jul2019 Corp (SGD) - Class A-1 Classified as SIP
ASTLC 4.650% 08Jul2021 Corp (USD) - Class A-2 Classified as SIP
ASTLC 6.500% 08Jul2026 Corp (USD) -Class B Classified as SIP
ASTLC 9.250% 08Jul2026 Corp (USD) - Class C Classified as SIP
AUSGSP 7.950% 20Oct2018 Corp (SGD)
AVLN 6.125% Perpetual Corp (GBP)
AXIATA 4.357% 24Mar2026 Corp (USD)
AXSBIN 2.875% 01Jun2021 Corp (USD)
BABA 3.600% 28Nov2024 Corp (USD)
BAC 3.950% 21Apr2025 Corp (USD)
BAC 8.125% Perpetual Pref (USD)
BAC Float Perpetual Pref (USD)
BACR 3.750% 23May2030 Corp (SGD)
BACR 7.875% Perpetual Corp (GBP)
BAERVX 5.750% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
BAERVX 5.900% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
BAORES 3.875% 28Jan2020 Corp (USD)
BAORON 3.625% 09Dec2018 Corp (USD)
BCHINA 2.375% 14Feb2020 Corp (USD)
BCHINA 3.000% 14Feb2022 Corp (USD)
BCHINA 4.450% 05Mar2019 Corp (CNH)
BCHINA 4.650% 05Mar2021 Corp (CNH)
BCHINA 5.550% 11Feb2020 Corp (USD)
BCHINA 6.750% Perpetual Pref (CNH)
BEIPRO 5.500% 19Nov2018 Corp (USD)
BINHIN 3.250% 06May2018 Corp (USD)
BNKEA 5.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
BNKEA 5.625% Perpetual Corp (USD)
BNKEA 6.125% 16Jul2020 Corp (USD)
BNP 3.650% 09Sep2024 Corp (SGD)
BNP 4.300% 03Dec2025 Corp (SGD)
BOCAVI 2.375% 15Sep2021 Corp (USD)
BOCAVI 2.750% 18Sep2022 Corp (USD)
BOCAVI 3.000% 23May2022 Corp (USD)
BOCAVI 3.500% 18Sep2027 Corp (USD)
BOCAVI 4.375% 02May2023 Corp (USD)
BOCOM 2.125% 21Mar2019 Corp (USD)
BOCOM 2.250% 25Jan2019 Corp (USD)
BOCOM 2.625% 21Mar2021 Corp (USD)
BPCEGP 4.450% 17Dec2025 Corp (SGD)
BPCEGP 4.500% 03Jun2026 Corp (SGD)
BPCLIN 4.000% 08May2025 Corp (USD)
BPCLIN 4.375% 18Jan2027 Corp (USD)
BREAD 4.000% 17Jan2023 Corp (SGD)
BREAD 4.600% 01Apr2019 Corp (SGD)
BTHSP 4.850% 05Jun2020 Corp (SGD)
BTHSP 4.875% 03Jun2019 Corp (SGD)
BTHSP 5.350% 26Nov2018 Corp (SGD)
BTHSP 5.750% 31Jul2018 Corp (SGD)
C 5.500% 13Sep2025 Corp (USD)
C 5.875% Perpetual Pref (USD)
CACHE 5.500% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
CAGA 2.530% 26Apr2020 Corp (USD)
CAPG 10.875% 26May2018 Corp (USD)
CAPG 5.375% 13Sep2022 Corp (USD)
CAPG 6.350% 11Jan2020 Corp (USD)
CAPG 6.525% 25Apr2019 Corp (USD)
CAPITA 3.080% 20Feb2021 Corp (SGD) - Retail
CAPITA 3.150% 18Dec2020 Corp (SGD)
CAPITA 3.350% 07Jul2031 Corp (SGD)
CAPITA 3.480% 06Aug2024 Corp (SGD)
CAPITA 3.750% 02Aug2024 Corp (SGD)
CAPLSP 2.950% 20Jun2022 Corp (SGD)
CAPLSP 3.080% 19Oct2027 Corp (SGD)
CAPLSP 3.780% 16Aug2019 Corp (SGD)
CAPLSP 4.300% 31Aug2020 Corp (SGD)
CARINC 6.125% 04Feb2020 Corp (USD)
CARINC 6.500% 04Apr2021 Corp (CNH)
CATIC 6.000% 12Sep2023 Corp (USD)
CBAAU 1.375% 06Sep2018 Corp (USD)
CBAAU 2.000% 06Sep2021 Corp (USD)
CBAAU 2.900% 12Jul2021 Corp (AUD)
CBAAU 4.500% 09Dec2025 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 3.000% 09Mar2020 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 3.125% 23Apr2020 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 3.650% 09Mar2022 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 4.100% 09Mar2024 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 4.250% 23Apr2025 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 4.400% 09Mar2027 Corp (USD)
CCAMCL 4.450% Perpetual Pref (USD)
CCB 3.250% 22Aug2018 Corp (CNH)
CCB 3.875% 13May2025 Corp (USD)
CCB 4.650% Perpetual Pref (USD)
CCB 4.900% 12Nov2024 CORP (CNH)
CCBL 2.375% 31May2019 Corp (USD)
CCBL 2.750% 31May2021 Corp (USD)
CCBL 3.250% 28Jul2020 Corp (USD)
CCLAU 3.125% 22Jul2022 Corp (AUD)
CCLAU 3.375% 10Mar2022 Corp (AUD)
CCTSP 2.980% 14Feb2021 Corp (SGD)
CDBI 2.250% 02Aug2021 Qsov (USD)
CELSP 3.900% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
CELSP 4.700% 29Apr2018 Corp (SGD)
CELSP 5.450% Perpetual Corp (USD)
CENCHI 6.000% 16Jul2018 Corp (USD)
CENCHI 6.500% 04Jun2018 Corp (USD)
CENCHI 6.500% 05Mar2021 Corp (USD)
CENCHI 6.750% 08Nov2021 Corp (USD)
CENCHI 6.875% 23Oct2020 Corp (USD)
CENCHI 8.000% 28Jan2020 Corp (USD)
CENCHI 8.750% 23Jan2021 Corp (USD)
CENSP 5.250% 12Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
CENSP 5.250% 16July2018 Corp (SGD)
CENSUN 7.000% 03Jul2020 Corp (SGD)
CERCG 5.250% 11May2018 Corp (USD)
CEUAU 4.250% 25Feb2022 Corp (AUD)
CFGSP 9.750% 30July2019 Corp (USD)Trading without accrued interest
CGB 2.360% 18Aug2021 Govt (CNH)
CGB 2.480% 01Dec2020 Govt (CNH)
CGB 3.480% 29Jun2027 Govt (CNH)
CHALUM 4.000% 25Aug2021 Corp (USD)
CHALUM 4.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
CHCONS 2.250% 14Jun2019 Corp (USD)
CHCONS 2.700% 14Jun2021 Corp (USD)
CHCONS 2.950% 19Nov2020 Corp (USD)
CHEVBK 2.000% 15Sep2019 Corp (USD)
CHGDNU 4.000% 19May2025 Corp (USD)
CHIEAS 2.800% 16Nov2020 Corp (SGD)
CHIHUI 6.500% 16Aug2020 Corp (USD)
CHINAM 3.250% 11Aug2019 Corp (USD)
CHINLP 3.125% 06May2025 Corp (USD)
CHINLP 4.750% 12Jul2021 Corp (USD)
CHINLP 4.750% 19Mar2020 Corp (USD)
CHINPR 13.500% 16Oct2018 Corp (USD)
CHINSC 5.875% 10Mar2022 Corp (USD)
CHINSC 7.450% 17Apr2021 Corp (USD)
CHIOLI 3.950% 15Nov2022 Corp (USD)
CHIOLI 5.950% 08May2024 Corp (USD)
CHIPEN 4.750% 14Jun2021 Corp (SGD)
CHIPEN 4.900% 19May2022 Corp (SGD)
CHJMAO 3.600% 03Mar2022 Corp (USD)
CHJMAO 4.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
CHJMAO 6.750% 15Apr2021 Corp (USD)
CHMETL 2.950% 31May2020 Corp (USD)
CHMINV 3.800% 02Aug2019 Corp (USD)
CHNAAR 4.700% 08Mar2022 Corp (USD)
CHNAAR 4.900% 22Aug2021 Corp (USD)
CHNAAR 5.500% 08Mar2024 Corp (USD)
CHNAAR 5.900% 06May2019 Corp (USD)
CHQIGR 4.020% 07Jul2019 Corp (CNH)
CHRAIL 3.250% 28Jul2026 Corp (USD)
CIFIHG 6.875% 23Apr2021 Corp (USD)
CIMBMK 3.263% 15Mar2022 Corp (USD)
CINDBK 6.875% 24Jun2020 Corp (USD)
CITLTD 2.800% 14Dec2021 Corp (USD)
CITLTD 3.125% 28Feb2022 Corp (USD)
CITLTD 3.700% 14Jun2026 Corp (USD)
CITLTD 3.875% 28Feb2027 Corp (USD)
CITLTD 6.375% 10Apr2020 Corp (USD)
CITLTD 6.625% 15Apr2021 Corp (USD)
CITSP 3.480% 15Jun2026 Corp (SGD)
CKHH 3.250% 08Nov2022 Corp (USD)
CKINF 5.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
CMASP 3.700% 29Aug2022 Corp (SGD)
CMBLEM 2.625% 29Nov2019 Corp (USD)
CMBLEM 3.250% 29Nov2021 corp (USD)
CMZB 4.875% 01Mar2027 Corp (SGD)
CNFMMZ 2.375% 26Jan2019 Corp (USD)
CNLOGI 9.000% 04Feb2019 Corp (USD)
CNOOC 2.625% 05May2020 Corp (USD)
CNOOC 3.500% 05May2025 Corp (USD)
CNOOC 4.200% 05May2045 Corp (USD)
CNOOC 4.250% 30Apr2024 Corp (USD)
CNQCHK 4.900% 07Nov2020 Corp (SGD)
CNTDSP 5.500% 06May2018 Corp (CNH)
COGARD 4.750% 17Jan2023 Corp (USD)
COGARD 4.750% 25Jul2022 Corp (USD)
COGARD 4.750% 28Sep2023 Corp (USD)
COGARD 5.125% 17Jan2025 Corp (USD)
COGARD 5.625% 15Dec2026 Corp (USD)
COGARD 7.500% 09Mar2020 Corp (USD)
COGO 5.125% 23Jan2019 Corp (USD)
COSCCH 4.375% 31Jan2023 Corp (USD)
COURTA 5.750% 15Mar2019 Corp (SGD)
CPREIT 3.750% 17Jan2023 Corp (USD)
CQLGST 3.250% 06Sep2021 Corp (USD)
CQNANA 2.875% 19Jul2019 Corp (USD)
CQNANA 3.625% 31Jul2021 Corp (USD)
CROESP 5.000% 13Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
CSCHCN 5.750% 09Mar2020 Corp (USD)
CSCHCN 6.750% 13Sep2021 Corp (USD)
CSCHCN 7.250% 20Nov2022 Corp (USD)
CSCHCN 7.250% 25Jan2021 Corp (USD)
CSCIFI 3.125% 17Sep2020 Corp (USD)
CSIPTY 5.750% Perpetual Corp (USD)
CSSXF 6.750% 17Oct2018 Corp (USD)
CSSXF 7.950% 15Feb2019 Corp (USD)
CTIH 6.000% 18Oct2023 Corp (USD)
CWADTE 7.000% 25Jun2018 Corp (SGD)
CWTSP 3.900% 18Apr2019 Corp (SGD)
CWTSP 4.800% 18Mar2020 Corp (SGD)
DAHSIN 6.625% 11Feb2020 Corp (USD)
DALWAN 7.250% 29Jan2024 Corp (USD)
DB 4.500% 01Apr2025 Corp (USD)
DB 6.000% Perpetual Corp (EUR)
DB 6.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
DB 7.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
DBSSP 2.780% 11Jan2021 Corp (SGD)
DBSSP 3.600% Perpetual Corp (USD)
DBSSP 3.800% 20Jan2028 Corp (SGD)
DBSSP 4.700% Perp/Callable 2020 Pref (SGD) - Retail
DBSSP 4.700% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
DBSSP 5.750% Perpetual Pref (SGD)
DEGREE 7.250% 03Jun2021 Corp (USD)
DELL 8.100% 15Jul2036 Corp (USD)
DFINVH 5.150% 22Nov2019 Corp (USD)
DIALIN 6.125% 31Oct2026 Corp (USD)
DXSECU 2.250% 27Sep2019 Corp (USD)
EBIUH 4.750% 18Feb2022 Corp (AUD)
EBIUH 5.750% 08May2019 Corp (AUD)
EDF 5.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
EDF 5.625% Perpetual Corp (USD)
EFGBNK 5.000% 05Apr2027 Corp (USD)
EHICAR 7.500% 08Dec2018 Corp (USD)
EMPINT 4.000% 19Sep2021 Corp (USD)
EREIT 3.500% 05Nov2018 Corp (SGD)
EREIT 4.100% 29Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
EREIT 4.600% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
EVERRE 6.250% 28Jun2021 Corp (USD)
EVERRE 7.000% 23Mar2020 Corp (USD)
EVERRE 7.500% 28Jun2023 Corp (USD)
EVERRE 8.250% 23Mar2022 Corp (USD)
EVERRE 8.750% 28Jun2025 Corp (USD)
EVERRE 9.500% 29Mar2024 Corp (USD)
EXIMBK 3.375% 05Aug2026 Qsov (USD)
EZISP 3.650% 05Aug2020 Corp (SGD)
EZRASP 4.875% 24Apr2018 Corp (SGD)
F 3.700% 11Mar2019 Corp (SGD)
FAEACO 3.750% 08Sep2021 Corp (USD)
FANHAI 6.500% 15Jul2018 Corp (USD)
FANHAI 7.750% 27Jul2020 Corp (USD)
FANHAI 9.625% 11Aug2020 Corp (USD)
FCOTSP 2.625% 28Feb2020 Corp (SGD)
FCOTSP 2.835% 11Aug2021 Corp (SGD)
FCOTSP 3.185% 23Feb2023 Corp (SGD)
FCTSP 2.900% 10Apr2019 Corp (SGD)
FHCL 2.450% 07Jul2021 Corp (SGD)
FHCL 2.750% 07Jul2023 Corp (SGD)
FHREIT 3.080% 08Nov2024 Corp (SGD)
FHREIT 4.450% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
FIRTSP 4.125% 22May2018 Corp (SGD)
FIRTSP 5.680% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
FNGHUI 7.875% 10Aug2019 Corp (USD)
FNNSP 2.800% 22Aug2022 Corp (SGD)
FNNSP 3.090% 23Mar2022 Corp (SGD)
FNNSP 3.800% 21Apr2027 Corp (SGD)
FOSUNI 5.250% 23Mar2022 Corp (USD)
FOSUNI 5.375% 05Dec2020 Corp (USD)
FPLSP 2.500% 21Jul2021 Corp (USD)
FPLSP 3.650% 22May2022 Corp (SGD) - Retail
FPLSP 3.950% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
FPLSP 4.150% 23Feb2027 Corp (SGD)
FPLSP 4.250% 21Apr2026 Corp (SGD)
FPLSP 4.380% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
FPLSP 4.880% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
FPLSP 5.000% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
FRAG 4.750% 23Nov2021 Corp (SGD)
FRAG 6.125% 26Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
FRESHK 4.350% Perpetual Corp (USD)
FTHDGR 10.750% 22Jan2020 CORP (USD)
FTHDGR 5.500% 12Jun2018 Corp (USD)
FTHDGR 7.250% 13Feb2019 Corp (USD)
FTHDGR 7.375% 04Oct2021 Corp (USD)
FTHDGR 7.950% 05Jul2022 Corp (USD)
FTHDGR 8.375% 08Mar2021 Corp (USD)
FTHDGR 9.500% 04May2019 Corp (CNH)
FTLNHD 4.750% 11Feb2019 Corp (USD)
FTLNHD 5.000% 08Aug2022 Corp (USD)
FUBON 6.125% 30Nov2020 Corp (USD)
FWDGRP ZERO Perpetual Corp (USD)
FWDINS 5.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
FWDINS 6.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
GARUDA 5.950% 03Jun2020 Corp (USD)
GDPOLY 8.250% 25Jan2020 Corp (USD)
GEMAU 5.500% 18May2019 Corp (SGD)
GEMDAL 4.950% 26Jul2022 Corp (USD)
GERLSP 8.000% 04Oct2022 Corp (USD)
GESP 4.600% 19Jan2026 Corp (SGD)
GGRSP 4.750% 25Jan2021 Corp (SGD)
GGRSP 5.500% 27Apr2018 Corp (SGD)
GLENLN 4.500% 19Sept2019 Corp (AUD)
GLPSP 3.875% 04Jun2025 Corp (USD)
GNPIN 4.500% 02Aug2021 Corp (USD)
GOLRID 2.900% 15Aug2023 Corp (SGD)
GRCHAR 6.375% 07Mar2019 Corp (USD)
GRNCH 5.875% 11Aug2020 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 4.000% 20Jun2018 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 4.375% 03Jul2019 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 4.850% 17Aug2020 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 5.250% 12Feb2021 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 5.875% 03Jul2024 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 5.900% 12Feb2023 Corp (USD)
GRNLGR 7.125% 20Mar2021 Corp (CNH)
GRNLHK 4.500% 05Jul2018 Corp (USD)
GRWALL 2.250% 27Oct2019 Corp (USD)
GRWALL 2.625% 27Oct2021 Corp (USD)
GS 5.000% 08Aug2018 Corp (AUD)
GS 6.875% 18Jan2038 Corp (GBP)
GSHSP 5.150% 07Jun2019 Corp (SGD)
GSHSP 5.150% 12Oct2020 Corp (SGD)
GUANGH 7.875% 30Mar2020 Corp (USD)
GUOLSP 3.620% 30Mar2021 Corp (SGD)
GUOLSP 3.850% 15Feb2023 Corp (SGD)
GUOLSP 3.950% 01Apr2019 Corp (SGD)
GUOLSP 4.000% 31Jan2022 Corp (SGD)
GUOLSP 4.600% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
GWTH 7.000% 18Jan2021 Corp (USD)
GWTH 8.250% 03Nov2019 Corp (USD)
GZITF 1.625% 07May2018 Corp (EUR)
HACLSP 4.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
HAIAIR 5.500% 21Jun2018 Corp (USD)
HAIAIR 6.350% 31Oct2018 Corp (USD)
HAISEC 3.500% 21Apr2020 Corp (USD)
HDBSP 1.520% 18Jun2019 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 2.088% 30Aug2022 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 2.350% 25May2027 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 2.365% 19Sep2018 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 2.500% 29Jan2023 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 2.505% 27Jun2024 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 2.598% 30Oct2029 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 3.008% 26Mar2021 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 3.220% 01Dec2026 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 3.948% 29Jan2029 Qsov (SGD)
HDBSP 3.950% 15Jul2018 Qsov (SGD)
HENLND 4.000% 19Sep2018 Corp (SGD)
HKCGAS 6.250% 07Aug2018 Corp (USD)
HKE 2.550% 01Aug2028 Corp (HKD)
HKE 4.250% 14Dec2020 Corp (USD)
HKLSP 3.430% 14May2020 Corp (SGD)
HLPPY 4.750% 25Jun2022 Corp (USD)
HNACAP 4.500% 17Aug2018 Corp (USD)
HONAIR 6.900% 20Jan2019 Corp (USD)
HONAIR 7.125% Perpetual Corp (USD)
HPE 4.400% 15Oct2022 Corp (USD)
HPLSP 3.850% 27May2021 Corp (SGD)
HPLSP 4.650% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
HRAM 2.750% 03Jun2019 Corp (USD)
HRAM 2.875% 19Nov2018 Corp (USD)
HRAM 2.875% 22Nov2019 Corp (USD)
HRAM 2.875% Perpetual corp (USD)
HRAM 3.200% 27Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
HRAM 3.250% 03Jun2021 Corp (USD)
HRAM 3.625% 22Nov2021 Corp (USD)
HRAM 3.750% 19Nov2020 Corp (USD)
HRAM 3.800% 07Nov2025 Corp (SGD)
HRAM 4.625% 03Jun2026 Corp (USD)
HRAM 4.875% 22Nov2026 Corp (USD)
HRAM 5.000% 19Nov2025 Corp (USD)
HRAM 5.500% 16Jan2025 Corp (USD)
HRINT 4.900% 28Jun2019 Corp (USD)
HSBC 4.700% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
HSBC 6.375% Perpetual Corp (USD)
HSBC 6.375% Perpetual Corp (USD)
HSBC 6.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
HSINCG 8.750% 18May2018 Corp (USD)
HSINCG 8.500% 22Jan2019 Corp (USD)
HTGLOB 7.000% 14Jul2021 Corp (USD)
HTONSP 6.080% 19July2021 Corp (SGD)
HTONSP 6.100% 08May2020 Corp (SGD)
HUAHK 4.750% 14Jul2019 Corp (USD)
HUAWEI 4.125% 06May2026 Corp (USD)
HUAWEI 4.125% 19May2025 Corp (USD)
HYFSP 4.250% 07Sep2018 Corp (SGD)
HYFSP 6.000% Perp/Callable 2018 Pref (SGD) - Retail
HYFSP 6.000% Perp/Callable 2020 Corp (SGD) - Retail
ICBCAS 1.875% 11Aug2019 Corp (USD)
ICBCAS 2.000% 10May2019 Corp (USD)
ICBCAS 2.000% 27May2018 Corp (USD)
ICBCAS 5.125% 30Nov2020 Corp (USD)
ICBCAS 6.000% Perpetual Corp (EUR)
INDON 3.700% 08Jan2022 Govt (USD)
INDON 4.350% 08Jan2027 Govt (USD)
INDON 5.250% 08Jan2047 Govt (USD)
ITAU 6.200% 21Dec2021 Corp (USD)
JIAYUA 8.125% 17Jan2019 Corp (USD)
JINANC 7.800% 26Oct2020 Corp (USD)
JTCSP 2.680% 10May2021 Qsov (SGD)
JTCSP 2.965% 16Mar2021 Qsov (SGD)
JTCSP 3.500% 18Jan2023 Qsov (SGD)
KAISAG 9.375% 30Jun2024 Corp (USD)
KDB 2.650% 03Dec2018 Qsov (SGD)
KEPSP 3.100% 12Oct2020 Corp (SGD)
KEPSP 3.725% 30Nov2023 Corp (SGD)
KEPSP 3.800% 23Apr2027 Corp (SGD)
KEPSP 4.000% 07Sep2042 Corp (SGD)
KERPRO 5.875% 06Apr2021 Corp (USD)
KNBZMK 3.035% 01Mar2021 Qsov (USD)
KOHSP 5.100% 27Oct2022 Corp (SGD)
KOREAN 5.875% 06Mar2021 Corp (USD)
KOREAN 6.875% 12Jun2047 Corp (USD) Essentially a Perpetual Bond - refer to Bond Features
KORHIC 2.500% 03Dec2045 Corp (USD)Essentially a 3-Year Bond - refer to Bond Features
KPLDSP 2.843% 05Sep2023 Corp (SGD)
KPLDSP 3.900% 07Nov2024 Corp (SGD)
KPTTSP 2.850% 05Sep2024 Corp (SGD)
KREITS 3.150% 11Feb2022 Corp (SGD)
KREITS 4.980% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
KRISSP 4.000% 09Jun2022 Corp (SGD)
KRISSP ZERO 31Jan2024 Corp (SGD) - Retail
KUNLEG 2.875% 13May2020 Corp (USD)
KUNLEG 3.750% 13May2025 Corp (USD)
KWGPRO 5.200% 21Sep2022 Corp (USD)
KWGPRO 5.875% 10Nov2024 Corp (USD)
KWGPRO 6.000% 15Sep2022 Corp (USD)
LAIFNG 6.875% 25Apr2018 Corp (CNH)
LAISUN 7.700% 24Jul2018 Corp (CNH)
LASUDE 4.600% 13Sep2022 Corp (USD)
LBBW 3.750% 18May2027 Corp (SGD)
LCHSP 5.500% 28Mar2019 Corp (SGD)
LENOVO 3.875% 16Mar2022 Corp (USD)
LENOVO 4.750% 29Mar2023 Corp (USD)
LENOVO 5.375% Perpetual Pref (USD)
LIFUNG 5.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
LIFUNG 6.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
LLCAU 3.900% 27Apr2027 Corp (SGD)
LMRTSP 4.100% 22Jun2020 Corp (SGD)
LMRTSP 4.500% 23Nov2018 Corp (SGD)
LMRTSP 6.600% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
LMRTSP 7.000% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
LNGFOR 3.875% 13Jul2022 Corp (USD)
LNGFOR 3.900% 16Apr2023 Corp (USD)
LNGFOR 4.500% 16Jan2028 Corp (USD)
LOGPH 5.250% 23Feb2023 Corp (USD)
LOGPH 5.750% 03Jan2022 Corp (USD)
LOGPH 6.125% 16Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
LOGPH 6.375% 07Mar2021 Corp (USD)
LPKRIJ 6.750% 31Oct2026 Corp (USD)
LPKRIJ 7.000% 11Apr2022 Corp (USD)
LTAZSP 2.730% 18Sep2020 Qsov (SGD)
LTAZSP 2.750% 19Mar2028 Qsov (SGD)
LTAZSP 2.900% 19Jun2023 Qsov (SGD)
LTAZSP 3.350% 19Mar2048 Qsov (SGD)
LTAZSP 3.510% 18Sep2030 Qsov (SGD)
LVGEM 8.500% 15Aug2020 Corp (USD)
MAGIC 3.200% 08Sep2021 Corp (SGD)
MAPLSP 2.850% 29Aug2025 Qsov (SGD)
MAPLSP 2.920% 21Jan2019 Qsov (SGD)
MAPLSP 3.880% 04Oct2018 Qsov (SGD)
MAPLSP 3.950% Perpetual Qsov (SGD)
MAPLSP 4.500% Perpetual Qsov (SGD)
MAYMK 6.000% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
MCTSP 2.650% 07Nov2019 Corp (SGD)
MCTSP 3.110% 24Aug2026 Corp (SGD)
MCTSP 3.280% 23Sep2024 Corp (SGD)
MCTSP 3.600% 24Aug2020 Corp (SGD)
MDLNIJ 6.950% 13Apr2024 Corp (USD)
MEDCIJ 5.900% 14May2018 Corp (SGD)
MEDCIJ 6.750% 30Jan2025 Corp (USD)
MEILAN 7.250% 18Jun2018 Corp (CNH)
MFCCN 3.000% 21Nov2029 Corp (SGD)
MFCCN 3.850% 25May2026 Corp (SGD)
MINMET 3.125% 27Jul2021 Corp (USD)
MINMET 4.200% 27Jul2026 Corp (USD)
MINTSP 3.750% 08Mar2019 Corp (SGD)
MISTAK 1.875% 01Mar2019 Corp (USD)
MISTAK 2.375% 01Mar2021 Corp (USD)
MISTAK 4.875% 06Oct2021 Corp (USD)
MLTSP 3.650% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
MLTSP 4.180% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
MOLAND 6.500% 03Jul2018 Corp (USD)
MOLAND 6.875% 20Oct2019 Corp (USD)
MOLAND 7.950% 05Mar2021 Corp (USD)
MONGOL 7.500% 30Jun2018 Govt (CNH)
MPEL 4.875% 06Jun2025 Corp (USD)
MRCOOP 2.800% 26Jul2024 Corp (SGD)
MRTSP 2.363% 05Oct2022 Corp (SGD)
MRTSP 3.072% 11Jun2024 Corp (SGD)
MS 4.750% 16Nov2018 Corp (AUD)
MSFSSP 5.500% 27Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
MSINS 7.000% 15Mar2072 Corp (USD)
MSSIN 4.875% 16Dec2021Corp (USD)
MU 7.500% 15Sep2023 Corp (USD)
NAB 4.150% 19May2028 Corp (SGD)
NANFUN 4.500% 20Sep2022 Corp (USD)
NANYAN 5.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
NCLSP 6.500% 23Jul2018 Corp (SGD)
NEROSE 4.500% 19Jan2020 Corp (USD)
NEWWOR 5.375% 06Nov2019 Corp (USD)
NHLHK 6.200% 11Jan2019 Corp (USD)
NOBLSP 6.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
NOBLSP 6.750% 29Jan2020 Corp (USD)
NOBLSP 8.750% 09Mar2022 Corp (USD)
NOLSP 4.400% 22Jun2021 Corp (SGD)
NOLSP 4.650% 09Sep2020 Corp (SGD)
NTUCSP 3.650% 23Aug2027 Qsov (SGD)
NWDEVL 4.375% 30Nov2022 Corp (USD)
NWDEVL 7.000% 10Feb2020 Corp (USD)
OCBCSP 3.800% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
OCBCSP 5.100% Perp/Callable 2018 Pref (SGD) - Retail
OELSP 5.200% 17Apr2019 Corp (SGD)
OHLSP 5.000% 05Nov2019 Corp (SGD) - Retail
OHLSP 5.150% 18May2020 Corp (SGD) - Retail
OHLSP 5.700% 31Jan2022 Corp (SGD)
OHLSP 6.375% 21Apr2021 Corp (USD)
OLAMSP 4.250% 22Jul2019 Corp (SGD)
OLAMSP 4.375% 09Jan2023 Corp (USD)
OLAMSP 4.500% 12Apr2021 Corp (USD)
OLAMSP 5.350% Perpetual Corp (USD)
OLAMSP 5.500% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
OLAMSP 5.800% 17Jul2019 Corp (SGD)
OLAMSP 6.000% 10Aug2018 Corp (SGD)
OLAMSP 6.000% 25Oct2022 Corp (SGD)
OMAN 4.125% 17Jan2023 Govt (USD)
ONGCIN 2.875% 27Jan2022 Corp (USD)
ONGCIN 3.750% 27Jul2026 Corp (USD)
ORIEAS 2.375% 30Aug2021 Corp (USD)
OUECT 3.030% 05Sep2020 Corp (SGD)
OUESP 3.550% 10May2023 Corp (SGD)
OUESP 3.750% 17Apr2022 Corp (SGD)
OUESP 3.800% 15Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
OUESP 4.250% 30Oct2019 Corp (SGD)
PCCW 3.000% 14Jul2026 Corp (USD)
PCCW 5.750% 17Apr2022 Corp (USD)
PILLSP 7.250% 16Nov2018 Corp (SGD)
PINGLI 2.375% 19Jan2019 Corp (USD)
PINGLI 2.875% 19Jan2021 Corp (USD)
PKFOUN 4.575% 20Apr2020 Corp (USD)
PKFOUN 4.700% 24Jan2021 Corp (USD)
PKFOUN 5.350% 24Jan2023 Corp (USD)
PKFOUN 5.500% 05Jun2018 Corp (USD)
PKFOUN 6.250% 17Oct2020 Corp (USD)
PKSTAN 5.625% 05Dec2022 Govt (USD)
PKSTAN 6.875% 05Dec2027 Govt (USD)
POLHON 4.750% 16May2018 Corp (USD)
POLHON 5.200% 10Apr2021 Corp (USD)
POWINV 3.000% 06Dec2021 Corp (USD)
POWINV 3.875% 06Dec2026 Corp (USD)
PREHSP 3.850% 03Jul2020 Corp (SGD)
PREHSP 3.900% 12Jan2021 Corp (SGD)
PREHSP 4.550% 29Apr2020 Corp (SGD) - Retail
PREHSP 4.650% 23Oct2018 Corp (SGD) - Retail
PREHSP 4.900% 18Mar2019 Corp (SGD)
PRUFIN 4.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
PRUFIN 5.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
PSASP 2.500% 12Apr2026 Qsov (USD)
PSEC 5.000% 15Jul2019 Corp (USD)
PSEC 5.875% 15Mar2023 Corp (USD)
PTTGC 4.250% 19Sept2022 Corp (USD)
PUBLSP 3.012% 12Jul2022 Qsov (SGD)
PUBLSP 3.520% 26Oct2020 Qsov (SGD)
PWRLNG 4.875% 15Sep2021 Corp (USD)
PWRLNG 5.950% 19Jul2020 Corp (USD)
PWRLNG 6.950% 17Apr2021 Corp (USD)
QANAU 4.750% 12Oct2026 Corp (AUD)
QHINVG 6.400% 10Jul2021 Corp (USD)
RBS 8.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
RBS 8.625% Perpetual Corp (USD)
RCOMIN 6.500% 06Nov2020 Corp (USD)
RCSTRU 3.200% 14Mar2025 Corp (SGD)
REGH 3.875% 20Jul2021 Corp (USD)
REGH 6.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
RHBCMK 2.503% 06Oct2021 Corp (USD)
RHTSP 4.500% 22Jul2018 Corp (SGD)
ROADKG 4.700% 06Sep2021 Corp (USD)
ROADKG 5.000% 09Aug2019 Corp (USD)
ROADKG 7.950% Perpetual Corp (USD)
RONXIN 6.950% 08Dec2019 Corp (USD)
RONXIN 8.250% 01Feb2021 Corp (USD)
SANYPH 6.000% 18Aug2019 Corp (USD)
SANYPH 6.250% 05Oct2021 Corp (USD)
SANYPH 8.125% 03Dec2018 Corp (USD)
SANYPH 8.875% 06Nov2018 Corp (USD)
SBIIN 3.250% 24Jan2022 Corp (USD)
SBREIT 3.450% 21May2018 Corp (SGD)
SBREIT 3.600% 08Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
SCISP 2.940% 26Nov2021 Corp (SGD)
SCISP 3.593% 26Nov2026 Corp (SGD)
SCISP 3.640% 27May2024 Corp (SGD)
SCISP 3.700% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
SCISP 3.7325% 09Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
SCISP 4.250% 30Aug2025 Corp (SGD)
SCISP 4.750% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
SCISP 5.000% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
SDBC 2.125% 01Jun2021 Qsov (USD)
SDBC 3.000% 01Jun2026 Qsov (USD)
SDBC 3.650% 24Nov2020 Qsov (HKD)
SDBC 3.980% 28Apr2020 Qsov (HKD)
SDCOKI 7.250% 26Oct2020 Corp (USD)
SGREIT 3.500% 26Feb2021 Corp (SGD)
SGSPAA 3.750% 28Jun2023 Corp (AUD)
SHANPU 2.375% 13Feb2020 Corp (USD)
SHASHU 7.500 10Mar2020 Corp (USD)
SHDMRN 5.450% 24Oct2020 Corp (USD)
SHGANG 3.375% 09Dec2019 Corp (USD)
SHIMAO 4.750% 03Jul2022 Corp (USD)
SHIMAO 5.200% 30Jan2025 Corp (USD)
SHIMAO 8.375% 10Feb2022 CORP (USD)
SHUION 4.375% 05Oct2019 Corp (USD)
SHUION 5.700% 06Feb2021 Corp (USD)
SHUION 6.400% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SHUION 6.875% 02Mar2021 Corp (CNH)
SHUION 8.700% 19May2018 Corp (USD)
SIASP 3.035% 11Apr2025 Corp (SGD)
SIASP 3.130% 17Nov2026 Corp (SGD)
SIASP 3.130% 23Aug2027 Corp (SGD)
SIASP 3.145% 08Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
SIASP 3.220% 09Jul2020 Corp (SGD)
SIASP 3.750% 08Apr2024 Corp (SGD)
SININT 3.125% 25Jul2022 Corp (USD)
SINOPE 1.750% 29Sep2019 Corp (USD)
SINOPE 2.000% 29Sep2021 Corp (USD)
SINOPE 2.500% 28Apr2020 Corp (USD)
SINOPE 2.750% 29Sep2026 Corp (USD)
SINOPE 3.250% 28Apr2025 Corp (USD)
SINOPE 4.100% 28Apr2045 Corp (USD)
SINTEC 4.050% 02Dec2025 Qsov (SGD)
SIRINT 4.600% 01Nov2026 Corp (USD)
SMMSP 2.950% 10Sep2021 Corp (SGD)
SMMSP 3.850% 10Sep2029 Corp (SGD)
SOCGEN 4.250% 14Apr2025 Corp (USD)
SOCGEN 4.300% 19May2026 Corp (SGD)
SOCGEN 5.000% 20Jul2028 Corp (AUD)
SOCGEN 7.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SOCGEN 8.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SOFTBK 6.000% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SOFTBK 6.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SPOST 3.500% 30Mar2020 Corp (SGD)
SPOST 4.250% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
SPSP 3.000% 26Sep2027 QSov (USD)
SPSP 3.250% 24Nov2025 Qsov (USD)
SPSP 3.400% 19Sep2032 Qsov (SGD)
SRENVX 5.750% 15Aug2050 Corp (USD)
SRENVX 8.250% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SRILAN 5.750% 18Apr2023 Govt (USD)
SRILAN 5.750% 18Jan2022 Govt (USD)
SRILAN 6.200% 11May2027 Govt (USD)
SRILAN 6.750% 18Apr2028 Govt (USD)
SRILAN 6.825% 18Jul2026 Govt (USD)
SSREIT 4.250% 03Apr2019 Corp (SGD)
STANLN 3.050% 15Jan2021 Corp (USD)
STANLN 3.950% 11Jan2023 Corp (USD)
STANLN 4.300% 19Feb2027 Corp (USD)
STANLN 5.125% 06Jun2034 Corp (GBP)
STANLN 5.200% 26Jan2024 Corp (USD)
STANLN 5.875% 24Jun2020 Corp (USD)
STANLN 6.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
STANLN 7.500% Perpetual Corp (USD)
STANLN 7.750% Perpetual Corp (USD)
STATSP 8.500% 24Nov2020 Corp (USD)
STDCTY 5.875% 30Nov2019 Corp (USD)
STDCTY 7.250% 30Nov2021 Corp (USD)
STHSP 3.080% 12Sep2022 Corp (SGD)
STHSP 3.550% 08Jun2026 Corp (SGD)
STHSP 3.950% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
STRTR 3.730% 19Jul2021 Corp (SGD)
STSP 3.240% 29Sep2022 Corp (SGD)
STSP 3.488% 08Apr2020 Corp (SGD)
STX 5.750% 01Dec2034 Corp (USD)
SUNAC 6.875% 08Aug2020 Corp (USD)
SUNAC 7.350% 19Jul2021 Corp (USD)
SUNAC 7.950% 08Aug2022 Corp (USD)
SUNAC 8.350% 19Apr2023 Corp (USD)
SUNCHN 8.500% 27Sep2020 Corp (USD)
SUNHKC 4.650% 08Sep2022 Corp (USD)
SUNHKC 4.750% 31May2021 Corp (USD)
SUNHUN 2.550% 24Jul2024 Corp (HKD)
SUNHUN 4.450% Perpetual Corp (USD)
SUNSHI 7.500% 16Nov2020 Corp (USD)
SUNSP 3.350% 10Feb2020 Corp (SGD)
SWIPRO 4.375% 18Jun2022 Corp (USD)
SWIRE 2.600% 21July2028 Corp (HKD)
SZEXPR 2.875% 18Jul2021 Corp (USD)
T 7.000% 30Apr2040 Corp (GBP)
TATAIN 4.450% 24Jul2023 Corp (USD)
TATAIN 4.950% 03May2023 Corp (SGD)
TATAIN 5.450% 24Jan2028 Corp (USD)
TATSP 4.500% 31Jul2018 Corp (SGD)
TBLAIJ 7.000% 24Jan2023 Corp (USD)
TEMASE 0.500% 01Mar2022 Qsov (EUR)
TEMASE 1.500% 01Mar2028 Qsov (EUR)
TEMASE 3.265% 19Feb2020 Qsov (SGD)
TEMASE 3.785% 05Mar2025 Qsov (SGD)
TEMASE 4.000% 07Dec2029 Qsov (SGD)
TEMASE 4.0475% 05Mar2035 Qsov (SGD)
TEMASE 4.200% 02Aug2050 Qsov (SGD)
TEMASE 4.200% 07Dec2039 Qsov (SGD)
TENCNT 2.895% 19Jan2023 Corp (USD)
TENCNT 3.595% 19Jan2028 Corp (USD)
TEWOOG 4.625% 06Apr2020 Corp (USD)
TEWOOG 5.500% 06Apr2022 Corp (USD)
THHTGP 7.875% 17Jan2021 Corp (USD)
THHTGP 8.125% 17Jan2023 Corp (USD)
TPHL 5.750% 26Apr2022 Corp (USD)
TPHL 6.250% 17Jan2021 Corp (USD)
TPHL 6.250% 23Jan2020 Corp (USD)
TPHL 6.600% 02Mar2023 Corp (USD)
TSHSP 6.000% 05Jun2020 Corp (SGD)
TTMTIN 5.750% 07May2021 Corp (USD)
TVB 3.625% 11Oct2021 Corp (USD)
UELAU 3.500% 12Sep2023 Corp (AUD)
UEMSP 3.680% 01Jun2021 Corp (SGD)
UFSSP 9.000% 14Feb2023 Corp (USD)
UOBSP 2.880% 08Mar2027 Corp (USD)
UOBSP 3.200% 23Apr2021 Corp (USD)
UOBSP 3.500% 22May2026 Corp (SGD)
UOBSP 3.500% 27Feb2029 Corp (SGD)
UOBSP 3.875% Perpetual Corp (USD)
UOBSP 4.000% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
UOBSP 4.750% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
UOBSP 4.900% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
UPLLIN 4.500% 08Mar2028 Corp (USD)
VAHAU 8.500% 15Nov2019 Corp (USD)
VEDLN 6.125% 09Aug2024 Corp (USD)
VENZ 13.625% 15Aug2018 Govt (USD)
VENZ 13.625% 15Aug2018 Govt (USD)
VENZ 7.000% 01Dec2018 Govt (USD)
VIBGSP 7.500% 03Oct2020 Corp (SGD)
VLLPM 7.375% 18Jun2022 Corp (USD)
VMAXSP 5.100% 26Apr2021 Corp (SGD)
VMAXSP 5.500% 06Jun2018 Corp (SGD)
VNKRLE 3.950% 23Dec2019 Corp (USD)
VNKRLE 4.150% 18Apr2023 Corp (USD)
VOD 3.000% 12Aug2056 Corp (GBP)
VW 3.500% 23Jan2019 Corp (CNH)
WEICHA 4.125% 30Sep2020 Corp (USD)
WHARF 3.500% 23Jan2019 Corp (USD)
WHARF 4.300% 28Oct2018 Corp (SGD)
WILSP 4.100% 25Jan2019 Corp (SGD)
WINGTA 4.080% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
WINGTA 4.350% Perpetual Corp (SGD)
WSTWGR 4.875% 19Apr2021 Corp (USD)
WSTWGR 5.375% 19Sep2023 Corp (USD)
WTTINV 5.500% 21Nov2022 Corp (USD)
XANCON 2.800% 13Sep2019 Corp (USD)
XIHUI 3.250% 27Jun2019 Corp (USD)
XIN 7.750% 28Feb2021 Corp (USD)
XIN 8.125% 30Aug2019 Corp (USD)
XIN 8.875% 22Nov2020 Corp (USD)
XIN 9.875% 19Mar2020 Corp (USD)
XINHUZ 6.000% 01Mar2020 Corp (USD)
YIDCHL 6.950% 19Apr2020 Corp (USD)
YLLGSP 5.875% 23Jan2022 Corp (USD)
YLLGSP 6.750% 23Apr2023 Corp (USD)
YNSMK 7.850% Perpetual Corp (USD)
YUEXIU 4.500% 24Jan2023 Corp (USD)
YUNAEN 3.000% 26Apr2019 Corp (USD)
YUNMET 3.125% 12Jul2019 Corp (USD)
YUZHOU 6.000% 25Oct2023 Corp (USD)
YUZHOU 6.375% 06Mar2021 Corp (USD)
ZHJWCI 4.950% 01Dec2019 Corp (USD)
ZHNBND 6.950% 21Jun2019 Corp (USD)
ZURNVX 4.750% Perpetual Corp (USD)
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    Bond Returns are calculated on a total return basis using prices including coupon accrued in their respective currency terms. Returns in excess of one year are annualised.

    Bond Yields are annualised yield-to-maturity calculated using bid prices.

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