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New Funds on Board! [November 2016]

New Funds on Board! [November 2016]

New Funds on Board! [November 2016]

Dear Investors,

In the months of October and November, we added 4 new strategies in 14 share classes, with one of them being a restricted product for accredited investors.

BNP Paribas Investment Partners has introduced an emerging market multi-asset fund that is the first of its kind on our platform, with the product investing across various debt securities and equities across the emerging market space.

Eastspring Investments have also added to their product range an Asian equity strategy that aims to deliver a combination of capital growth and income with a low volatility profile (the Eastspring Inv Asian Low Volatility Eq Fd SGD ASDM).

First State Investments has also brought on-board their Asian credit strategy (First State Asian Quality Bond Dist SGD-H), which is the fixed income portion of the well-known balanced fund First State Bridge.

In the following sections, we take a closer look at the new funds added to the platform in October and November:

BNP Paribas Investment Partners

From BNP Paribas Investment Partners, the Parvest Multi-Asset Inc Emerging Classic Cap USD is an emerging market multi-asset fund with the objective of capital appreciation and providing regular income. The strategy will invest in equities, debt securities as well as money market instruments across emerging markets, with the team changing the asset mix of the portfolio based on their views of the economic cycle. Debt securities under consideration include sovereign bonds, investment grade corporate credit, high yield bonds as well as convertibles. The investment managers have not adopted a benchmark. The product is suitable for investors who desire an emerging market multi-asset fund that provides a regular distribution. Other than the SGD-hedged class, the fund is also available in CNH-hedged and AUD-hedged share classes.

Eastspring Investments

Eastspring Investments’ latest offering on the platform is an equity fund invested in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan region that aims to generate investment returns with a lower volatility profile than traditional equity strategies. To do so, the investment team focuses on dividend paying equities and constructs a portfolio targeting low volatility and drawdown. Factors like valuation, quality and dividend yield are considered by the managers during the selection process. The portfolio construction process is thus largely quantitative, with stocks screened via various factors and appropriate candidates undergoing an optimisation process to derive their optimal weights in the portfolio. This latest strategy from Eastspring is also offered in its USD class (Eastspring Inv Asian Low Volatility Eq Fd USD ADM) as well as its SGD-hedged share class: Eastspring Inv Asian Low Volatility Eq Fd SGD ASDM (H).

First State Investments

From well-known investment manager First State Investments, the First State Asian Quality Bond Dist SGD-H aims to generate long term returns by investing in the Asian bond markets (both government issues and corporate credit). The fund will only invest in investment grate rated debt issues and convertible securities (as assigned by international rating agencies). Its performance is benchmarked against the JPMorgan Asia Credit Investment Grade Index. To look for suitable candidates for the portfolio, the investment managers utilise a combination of both top down and bottom up analyses, focusing on credit fundamentals. The First State Asian Quality Bond Fund is also the fixed income portion of the well-known and familiar balanced fund First State Bridge (which feeds into it).

UOB Asset Management

UOB Asset Management’s latest product on the platform is an equity strategy that seeks to provide long term total returns to investors. Sub-managed by well-known investment manager Wellington Management, the fund focuses on identifying market-leading companies with growing industry market share, quality balance sheets and strong management teams. The fund also seeks to invest in companies with positive long-term revisions, operating efficiency, and the ability to generate increasing return on capital. The investment managers are not constrained by market capitalisation, country, sector or industry, but will typically invest in candidates that have market capitalisation exceeding USD 3 billion with sufficient trading volume. The performance of the fund is benchmarked against the MSCI All Country World Index, and the portfolio is expected to be fairly diversified. Other than the USD class, the SGD accumulation and distribution share classes of the strategy is also available.

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