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New Funds on Board! [January 2017]

New Funds on Board! [January 2017]

New Funds on Board! [January 2017]

Dear Investors,

In the months of December 2016 and January this year, we added 7 new strategies in 21 share classes.

Allianz Global Investors are now offering a new fixed income product – a US short duration high yield fund that is the second of its kind in that segment, allowing more options for investors interested in the high yield segment with a focus on low duration. Another fixed income fund brought onboard the platform recently includes an investment grade-focused corporate bond strategy managed by UOB Asset Management.

For the emerging market equity space, we recently added one of BlackRock’s equity strategies, the Blackrock Emerging Mkts Eqty Inc A6 USD, which adopts an income-orientated approach in investing across emerging market equities.

LionGlobal Investors has also recently launched an equity fund that is designed to capture opportunities from trends seen in innovation among various industries and businesses worldwide, investing via publicly-listed equities (LionGlobal Disruptive Innovation Fd A SGD).

Additionally, JPMorgan Asset Management has also expanded its presence on the platform, with the recent onboarding of the JPM Total Emerging Markets Inc A (mth) USD, which is an emerging markets balanced fund.

In the following sections, we take a closer look at the new funds added to the platform in December last year and January this year:

Allianz Global Investors

From Allianz, we now have the second of its kind available on the platform that allows investors to gain dedicated access to the US short duration high yield debt market. The investment team seek to generate a high level of current income with minimal downside volatility by investing in the non-investment grade bond market as well as secured bank loans. The team adopts rigorous fundamental research, analysing industry factors as well as credits. The duration profile of the fund is expected to be between 0 to 3 years. The Allianz US Short Duration High Inc Bd AM Dis USD joins the Neuberger Berman SD High Yld Bd A USD Acc on the platform for the short duration high yield space, expanding the range of fixed income products for investors to choose from. Other than the USD and SGD-hedged class, the fund is also available in AUD-hedged, GBP-hedged and EUR-hedged share classes.

BlackRock (Singapore) Limited

BlackRock’s latest addition to the platform, the Blackrock Emerging Mkts Eqty Inc A2 USD, is a fund seeking an above average income by investing in emerging market equities. The investment team managing this strategy adopts an income-orientated approach, focusing on finding high-quality companies that have lasting competitive advantages and highly cash flow generative businesses with prudent capital allocation policies. The stock picking and portfolio construction process is done via bottom-up fundamental analysis. The fund’s performance is benchmarked to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Besides the original USD share classes, the AUD-hedged and SGD-hedged share classes are also available for investors.

JPMorgan Asset Management

The JPM Total Emerging Markets Inc A (mth) USD is a balanced fund whose objective is to achieve income and long term capital growth by investing primarily in income generating emerging market debt and equity securities. The fund will hold between 20% to 80% of its assets in equities or debt securities, and up to a maximum of 5% of its assets in contingent convertible securities. The securities under consideration by the investment team include non-investment grade debt and small-cap equities. With regards to the debt securities under consideration, the investment team invests across both hard currency and local currency issues, adopting a USD perspective (the base currency of the fund). The fund adopts a customised benchmark that tracks emerging market equities and emerging market sovereign and corporate debt.

LionGlobal Investors

While investors may be used to technology-equities or funds invested in the information technology space, LionGlobal Investors have recently launched a product that is designed to capture the opportunities from trends seen in innovation among various industries and businesses worldwide. The LionGlobal Disruptive Innovation Fd A SGD, with an objective of long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equities of companies worldwide which are deemed to be disruptors with strong growth prospects. The investment manager will first determine the investible universe of companies that are engaged in innovative ideas that have been proven and commercialised, and next use a systematic filter to determine a set of appropriate candidates for the portfolio. The systematic filter is comprised of factors like earnings-per-share growth, revenue growth and price-to-sales ratio. For investors who are interested, the LionGlobal Disruptive Innovation Fd A SGD is better suited as a supplementary allocation in one’s portfolio due to the nature of the strategy.

Manulife Asset Management

The latest addition to the platform from Manulife Asset Management is a fixed income product that aims to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation and/or income in SGD terms through investing primarily in Asian investment grade fixed income or debt securities. The type of issues under consideration include sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate bonds, with the fund being able to invest up to 30% of its net assets in non-investment grade rated issues. The investment managers adopt a fundamental bottom-up credit research process as well as a top-down macroeconomic analysis when managing the strategy. Additionally, the team manages the portfolio from a SGD perspective, and will hedge back all underlying foreign currency denominated issues back to the SGD. Other than the SGD accumulation share class, the strategy is also available in the SGD distribution and USD-hedged distribution classes (Manulife SGD Income Cl A-QDis SGD and Manulife SGD Income Cl A-QDis USD-H).

UOB Asset Management

UOB Asset Management has also expanded its presence on our platform with the recent introduction of the United High Grade Corporate Bond Fund, a fund with the objective of maximising returns over the long term by mainly investing in the investment grade corporate debt market worldwide. While the fund is focused on corporate credits, the fund may also invest in sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt issues. The investment team employs bottom-up analysis in selecting attractive credits, supplemented by a top-down research process in managing the portfolio. They also manage the strategy from a SGD perspective, aligned with the interests of Singapore-based investors. The fund’s performance is benchmarked against the Barclays Global Aggregate Corporate Benchmark Index.

Wells Fargo Asset Management

Last but certainly not the least, the Wells Fargo US All Cap Gth Fd Cl A USD from Wells Fargo Asset Management joins our available suite of funds invested in the US equity market. It seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in US companies of various market capitalisations that display robust and sustainable revenue and earnings growth. The investment managers adopt a bottom-up approach when selecting appropriate candidates, focusing on several financial metrics as well as the profit potential of their business models. The portfolio is fairly-diversified as well, with the performance of the fund is benchmarked against the Russell 3000 Index. For investors who desire a multi-cap equity strategy when investing in the US market, the Wells Fargo US All Cap Gth Fd Cl A USD could be a viable option.

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