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FSMOne – Questions about our trading platform? Here’s the answers!
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FSMOne – Questions about our trading platform? Here’s the answers!

In this article, we will answer some of the popular questions raised by our investors since launch.

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With the launch of FSMOne, investors will be able to trade in HKEX Stocks/ETFs on a daily basis. However, if you are looking for HKEX stock tips and recommendations, you can refer to < Stock Insights > and read on!

FSMOne – Questions about our trading platform? Here's the answers!

Question: Do we need to pre-fund the account before we trade? Do we have a credit limit to our accounts?

Answer: Yes, you will need to pre-fund the account first before trading. As such, we do not offer a credit limit to our investors for stocks/ETFs trading.

Question: How do we fund the account if it needs to be pre-funded?

Answer: Here at FSMOne, we have introduced the Cash Account for our investors to deposit their monies and use it for other investments. Here's a quick guide on how to use our Cash Account deposit function.

Step 1: Locate our login button (top right-hand corner of the page)

Step 2: After logging in, proceed to < My Account > >> < My Cash Account>

Step 3: Click on < Deposit >

Step 4: Select a < Cash Account >, < Payment Currency >, type in the < Deposit Amount > and click < Add >

Step 5: Input < password > and click < Submit >

Step 6: You are done! Using the respective payment methods, your Cash Account balance will be updated! Please refer to here for the different payment methods.

Question: Can I buy HKEX stocks using SGD?

Answer: You will need to make use of our HKD cash account for payment. If you have an existing SGD cash account, you can do an immediate cash transfer to the HKD cash account. Subsequently, you will be able to start trading!

Question: How does the cash account transfer work?

Answer: To facilitate our investors to trade in the respective trading currencies, we have introduced a cash account transfer service which allow our clients to do a transfer between different cash account(s) currencies immediately. Read on to find out more!

Step 1: Select < My Cash Account > after login.

Step 2: Select < Transfer >.

Step 3: Select the cash account which you want to change from, the amount and the desired currency cash account to change to.

Step 4: Key in your password and you are DONE!

You can start trading in HKEX Stocks/ETFs straight away without any delay.

Question: How do I start trading??

Answer: After login, click on < Live Trading > and select < Stocks & ETFs >

Question: Where do I start?

Answer: At the trading page, you can start to search for your shortlisted stocks or select from the dropdown selection and click on < Buy > for the selected stocks for the Order Pad to appear.

Question: What do I need to key in at the Order Pad?

Answer: Check if you have sufficient HKD purchasing power and key in your desired price and quantity. You may also take note of the < Total Consideration > before entering the trade.

There you have it! A few key questions on how to start trading in HKEX stocks/ETFs. Do look out for our next article on how to make use of the other trading tools available on FSMOne.

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