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FSM Bond Express – Bond investing made cheaper and easier!

FSM Bond Express – Bond investing made cheaper and easier!

Have your queries answered as to how bond investing via FSM Bond Express can be made "cheaper" and even more convenient for you!

Nearly 2 months into the launch of FSM Bond Express, we have received numerous queries as to how this new bond investing service will and can benefit our bond investors. Thus, in this article, we re-iterate the main highlights of FSM Bond Express that you should not miss!

1. Making bond investing "cheaper" for you

Since the launch of our bond investing platform in 2015, we have received numerous feedback that the standard investment lot sizes for wholesale bonds may be too huge a capital outlay - SGD 250,000 (for SGD bonds) and USD 200,000 (for USD bonds).

Therefore, taking your feedback into consideration, through FSM Bond Express, you can now invest across a selected list of wholesale bonds in less-than-standard investment lot sizes – in 5,000* denominations – making bond investing "cheaper" for you! Aside from wholesale bonds, you can also invest in selected retail bonds via FSM Bond Express in 1,000 denominations too!

*Applicable for Accredited Investors only. Non-Accredited may also invest in wholesale bonds at standard investment lot sizes (subject to a minimum investment amount of S$200,000)

2. Firm and executable bond pricing

Currently, investors can only look at indicative pricing when placing a normal bond trade. This uncertainty of market pricing would sometimes mean that investors do not have a good grasp of executable bond prices.

As an alternative, investors can now turn to FSM Bond Express where firm and executable bond pricing will be available for clients to make their bond investments. With this, we seek to give investors the certainty of having their bond trades filled at a firm price. These bid/ask prices are quoted in-house by iFAST Financial Pte Ltd (iFAST) where iFAST deals as principal in all FSM Bond Express trades.

3. Immediate bond trade execution

Trading via FSM Bond Express can now be quicker and even more convenient for you! By conventional bond trade placement methods, investors would usually have to wait for their bond trades to be filled – this could mean waiting several days for an order to be executed!

However, trades placed via FSM Bond Express will be executed almost instantaneously and you do not have to wait for your bond orders to be filled.

FSM Bond Express aims to bring the most convenient and efficient bond trading experience to you. Do not miss out on the opportunity to invest in a selected list of wholesale bonds in smaller lot sizes while also being certain about the prices you’re buying the bonds at! Note that there is also a list of retail bonds available on FSM Bond Express in 1,000 lot sizes!

For more information on FSM Bond Express, you may also wish to read up on our FAQ.

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