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Notice to all investors: 2FA to be compulsory from 30 April 2015
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Notice to all investors: 2FA to be compulsory from 30 April 2015

To enhance investors' online trading security, Fundsupermart has implemented the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature whereby investors are required to key in a separate One-Time Password (OTP) upon your login to your Fundsupermart account.

2FA is essential to protect your personal information online

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important feature to prevent interception and modification of your online transactions. From 30 April 2015, 2FA will be made compulsory for all investors. With this implementation, you will be required to enter an additional One Time Password (OTP) that is unique and randomly generated, after logging on to The OTP can be obtained in 2 ways either via OneKey authentication device or SMS text message.

Please note that certain online account updates e.g. email and contact numbers requires further authentication security and these updates can be done if you possess the OneKey device. If you do not possess the OneKey device, you will then have to use an offline update form to change such account details.

You may register for either 2FA SMS or OneKey device, or both. Registration of the 2FA SMS at your preferred mobile number is immediate where an OTP will be sent to you to complete the registration. As for OneKey device, you will need to register to obtain the device first before you can link it up to your Fundsupermart account.

Read our detailed 2FA guide in using OneKey device or SMS OTP feature to help you through the process of implementing this second layer of protection to your account.

Again, we would like emphasize the importance of cyber security and urge all investors to register and start using either the OneKey Device or the SMS OTP for 2nd Factor Authentication. Do also note that the login OTP will be compulsory from 30 April 2015 and certain online account update e.g. email and contact numbers, will require further authentication via OneKey device. 2FA is easy to use and gives a greater peace of mind for you, the investor, when using the Fundsupermart platform for your investments transactions.

For further details on 2FA and queries on OneKey device and SMS OTP features, please refer to our FAQ.

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