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Announcement: Insurance@FSM Now Offers You Low Cost Protection!

Protection for you and your loved ones can be easy and affordable. All it takes is a little time, effort and a ton of convenience. (FSM) is elated to introduce Insurance@FSM, an online platform that offers you a range of insurance products to choose from, while we provide research and tools that can help you make better decisions.

Insurance Plans For Different Life Stages

At Insurance@FSM, we prefer simple insurance plans that are easy to understand and have a transparent fee structure so you clearly know how much you are paying.

With the range of term and health insurance plans we distribute, you can start protecting your family and yourself knowing that the plans we have are clearly explained.

We offer insurance from leading insurers, meant to suit everyone in your family, based on their life stages, whether you are a working adult, married or a retiree. And if you need additional advice, you can always contact our professional Investment Advisers.

Empowering You With The Tools To Make The Right Decisions

We are big on empowering you with the right information and tools for you to make better decisions. Insurance products are often seen as complex, but with our information and research articles, we keep it transparent and help you focus on the important things you should know before you choose the most suitable insurance plan.

With our tools, you get to compare the different plans and make use of our calculator to compare the different features e.g. premiums and sum assured. You can take your time to choose the most suitable insurance policy in the comfort of your home, at your own pace, 24/7, whether you are using a desktop or mobile device (because we have ensured our Insurance@FSM webpage is mobile-friendly for you).

Savings For You

You get to have savings of at least 30% from the commission received from the insurers at Insurance@FSM. Table 1 explains how the rebate works. If we assume a sum assured of $1,000,000, for example, you can receive a rebate amounting to $1,045 over a period of approximately six years. If you use this amount to invest in an investment product, you will be making your money work harder for you! Having said that, do make sure your decision is well-grounded in why the insurance plan meets your protection needs, e.g. the sum assured is sufficient to cover the expenses for dependants.

Table 1: Sample insurance premiums and rebates

Sum Assured
Premium Term
Annual Premiums Paid
Estimated Commissions Received From Insurer
Rebate Amount (i.e. Savings)
25 years
25 years

Note: Calculations are done on the assumption that the distributor will receive commissions for only the first 6 years from policy inception. The rebate figures are meant as an estimate and are not guaranteed. If the policy lapses or terminates, outstanding rebates will not be payable. Figures are based on a 40-year-old male non-smoker client profile. This is a simple illustration that does not take into account different client profiles and type of insurance plans.

We have a group of professional Investment Advisers who will offer you financial advice, free of charge. There is no hard-selling or pushing of products, just plain honest advice that suits your needs. You can get your questions answered and doubts clarified. But at the end of the day, the ultimate decision still lies in your hands, with zero pressure - the way our DIY investors prefer it!

Insurance@FSM. Low Cost Protection and Insurance Tools at Your Fingertips.

Get your protection with FSM now at Insurance@FSM.

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